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St Peter's Church Brackley


St Peter’s has links with all the various assisted-living schemes and care homes in Brackley, as listed below:


  • Brackley Fields (01280 704575)

  • Brackley Care Home (01280 428287)

  • Bridgewater House (01280 703767)

  • Candleford Court: (01280 843905)

  • Diana House (01280 700903)

  • Godwin Court (01280 702627)

  • Jarvis Court (01280 841496)

  • Juniper House (01280 845570)

  • Pegasus Court & Manor “College House” (01280 706124)

  • St Rumbold’s Court (01280 705875)

St Peter’s would welcome any request by residents and their families for prayer or a short private service of Holy Communion, or indeed support of any kind.


Holy Communion

A short service of Communion is conducted monthly for the residents of the following Homes:

  • Juniper House – First Tuesday of the month at 10.30am

  • Brackley Fields - Second Tuesday of the month at 10.30am

  • Brackley Care Home - Third Tuesday of the month at 10.30am

  • St Rumbold’s Court - TBA


Songs of Praise

'Songs of Praise', often supported by people from various Brackley churches, has historically take place at:

  • Brackley Fields each month – 11.00am on the Third Thursday of the month

  • Juniper House 3 times a year (Easter, Harvest and Christmas) at a date to be arranged.


For more information, please email our administrator, asking for Anne Mellor's contact details.

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