Report from the PCC 4th April 2019

Report from the PCC meeting held on 4th April 2019

The meeting was opened in prayer and following correction t the minutes of 7th March they were passed for acceptance.

Matters arising

The new notice board has been erected, and thanks have been given to Geoff Oddy for all his work.

St James Church Yard

A report regarding the sale of St James churchyard was discussed, further enquiries are to be made.


The faculty for the Mary Leapor plaque had been granted and the plaque is being made.

Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll Officer informed the PCC that there are now 131 names on the 2019 – 2025 electoral roll.


The Treasurer presented the first quarters’ management accounts and explained them to the meeting. The 2019 parish share has increased to £75,000 for the year.

Social Committee

The Social Committee are planning the following events - a film showing, bingo, a summer evening danceathon, flower festival. The recent film afternoon raised £210 for the roof fund. St Peters will be part of the Town Carnival and the committee are asking for volunteers to help.

Building, Development and Maintenance

A report highlighting what is needing to be done in the Churchyard.   Discussions will be held with the Gardening Group and the Community payback team as to how they can help.

North Nave Roof.  Internal plaster has shown evidence of some damage over the original children’s area, but Grantham’s have inspected the area and have agreed to repair this part of the roof.

A specification for replacement of the two external lights over the footpath on the north side is awaited. It has been reported that 4 tiles are loose on the North side roof which has highlighted that further work is needed.

There were 15 members in attendance with 2 apologies. The meeting closed at 9.00 pm with a grace. The next meeting is 2nd May 2019 .

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