Report from the PCC 2nd May 2019

Report from the PCC meeting held on 6th May 2019

The meeting was opened with prayer.

The minutes of the meeting on 4th April were unanimously approved.


A request from Zero Balancing to hold a Study Day (hands on therapy) for 10 – 12 people 10 am – 5 pm on Saturday 5th October 2019, has been received.  In principal this was agreed but further details are to be sort.

A request from Wandering Minstrels regarding a concert in 2020 of Gilbert & Sullivan Opera’s, to raise funds for the church. A query was raised as to the costs that the church may have to pay. Further enquiries to be made.


We have now paid 4 of our Parish Share instalments (£30,000 to-date) the Stewardship “packs” will be issued on 12th May”.

Deanery Report

The next Deanery meeting will be on the 11th June at Newbottle Church. 

Social Events

Flower Festival

The committee were updated on the progress of this event.

Danceathon – 3rd August

Local dance groups will be asked along and support this event.

Brackley Carnival

An update on the planning of this was given.

Building Maintenance and Development

No date has yet fixed for the repair of the hole in the ceiling at the back of the Church and the tiles on the North Nave. 

Any other Business

Notification from Sarah Brown – Canon Missioner giving details of “Read and See” training session on either 8th May 7 - 9 pm at Peterborough Cathedral or Moulton Church Northampton on 21st May 7 - 9pm.


More help is need from people to help and take part in this service.  The Fiz service for June and July will go ahead.  An event may be planned for the August meeting.

There were 13 members in attendance with 4 apologies the meeting closed at 8.45 pm with grace.

The next meeting is Thursday 6th June at 7.45 pm in the extension.





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