Report from the PCC 6th June 2019

Report from the Parochial Church Council Meeting of 6th June 2019

Val Lynam lay chair welcomed everyone and the meeting opened with prayer.

Approval of minutes - The minutes of the meeting of the 2nd May were proposed and seconded and approved as a true copy.

Matters Arising

Wandering Minstrels   - Following further discussion it was unanimously agreed to decline the offer of holding a concert at St Peters we would be taking the risk of making a loss on the event.

Mary Leapor -   Several requests had been received concerning the, now installed, plaque. Following discussion, the first two requests were declined. These being.  To place a prayer kneeler under the plaque to explain who Mary Leapor was. To place a picture and explanation to go on the Church website. 

It was agreed that a display holder be placed at the rear of the church given an explanation as to who Mary Leapor was.


Notification had been received from the Diocese concerning The Consultation on the Term Limits for Deanery Synod Members.After much discussion it was agreed that the PCC would reply expressing concern that the choices stated were not clear.


Finance- The PCC were informed that half of the Parish Share had been paid.The roof fund now stands at £13,820 pounds although contributions to the roof fund are beginning to slow down


The date for the next Deanery meeting is on the 17th June at Farthinghoe Village Hall 7.15 for 7.30.  Tania Haji-Miller will talk about “The Hope Centre” in Northampton.

Carnival   - There will be 20 people processing and offers of help on the stall had been received.  Several people have offered to help at the Beer Festival.

Flower Festival

Arrangements for the Flower Festival are progressing well. The Flower Pot have offered discount on the flowers.

Building Development & Maintenance   

Two main points were discussed St James Church yard – John Carter stated that the possible costs the church would incur in selling off the land would mean the amount of money St Peters may get may be greatly reduced. The Old Notice Board - is to be offered the Allotment Association.

Health & Safety

The kitchen shutter is distorted and therefore will not come down.It was decided to leave well alone.

Any other business

Terry Stokes has received an e-mail from Sandra Allen – Property Officer for the Diocese regarding who has a key to the gate leading to the vicarage garden as the gardening contractor needs access.

There were 12 members in attendance with 5 apologies. The meeting closed 9.20pm. Date of next PCC meeting 4th July.

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