First Steps

Thursday Mornings: 9.15 am - 11.30 am



Here's what happens at each session



Breakfast with toast and crumpets, fresh coffee, tea and juice. 

Someone will come round to collect £2.00

(to cover costs of the food and drink)

and to take a register of who’s here.



10.00- 10.15

We clear our tables to the hatch then move into church for some singing,

a bible story, ‘marching’ and prayers.


Most weeks we go back to the extension for craft

(even if you think your child is too young for craft you are welcome to join in yourself!)  


On the first Thursday of each month there is a choice at 10.20  EITHER return to the extension for the craft activity OR there is an opportunity to join in a simple service of Holy Communion. During this service you will be able to bring your children to the altar rail for a blessing if you would like to.  For more details about the service see here (or ask when you come down on Thursdays).


Followed by more coffee and play/chat time


11.30 home-time!

And if you are free to help tidy up, we'd really appreciate it!




All ages of children and babies welcome together with 

Mums, Dads, Carers and Grandparents.

We hope you enjoy First Steps










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