When we lose someone we love it is very important that we mark the close of their life on earth in an appropriate way. Family and friends often wish to gather to give thanks and to support one another in their grief and an important part of the Church of England funeral service are the prayers to commend the person into God's keeping.

Even if someone has not been a regular church attender they are welcome to have a funeral in church. We would encourage anyone to have a church service before burial or cremation if they would like to do so.  St Peter's clergy are also happy to conduct funerals at the crematorium.


St Peter’s clergy regard the taking of funerals as an important part of what they do. They visit families to hear about the person they have lost and to provide comfort in their grief.  They work with the family to put together a service that is appropriate for the person concerned.  The first step in arranging a funeral is usually to contact the funeral director who will phone the Vicar to check availability.  


Bereavement Group


At St Peter’s there is a Bereavement Group that meets monthly to provide mutual support for those who have recently lost a loved one.  We also hold an annual memorial service at All Souls (end October or early November) for anyone wishes to remember someone they love.


Memorial book


In the South Aisle at St Peter's there is a Memorial Book in which we enter the names of those who have had funerals at St Peter's or whose funerals have been taken by our clergy.


A Prayer for those who mourn

Almighty God

Father of all mercies and give of all comfort:

deal graciously with those who mourn,

that, casting their care on you,

they may know the consolation of your love;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

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