Sunday 6 December

Mary's Song

(Luke 1v46-55)


God saves the humble


READ Luke 1

46 Then Mary said,

     “My soul praises the Lord;
47 my heart is happy because God is my Saviour.
48 I am not important, but God has shown his care for me, his servant girl.
From now on, all people will say that I am blessed,
49 because the Powerful One has done great things for me.
    His name is holy.”

When was the last time you were so happy it made you sing?

For Mary, it happened because she was having a baby that was the promised King and Saviour of the world. How amazing, that the tiny child inside of her would one day save her from all her sins. And us too, if we have that same faith in Jesus.

Can you say v47, "My heart is happy because God is my Saviour"? If you are trusting Jesus for forgiveness then yes you can. That is what should make us most happy this Advent.

Let's praise God now, just like Mary did...

READ Luke 1
50 God will always give mercy
    to those who worship him.
51 God’s arm is strong.
    He scatters the people who are proud
    and think great things about themselves.
52 God brings down rulers from their thrones,
    and he raises up the humble.
53 God fills the hungry with good things,
    but he sends the rich away with nothing.
54 God has helped his people Israel who serve him.
    He gave them his mercy.
55 God has done what he promised to our ancestors,
    to Abraham and to his children forever.”

Mary's song teaches us something very special about how God works.

Mary wasn't very important (as she said back in v48). She wasn't rich or famous.

But God chose her out of all the women on earth to give birth to his Son!

God loves to use those who are humble and not those who are proud. Mary's song says he brings down the proud (v51-52) but lifts up the humble and needy (v52-53). God only saves those who admit they need his help and ask to be saved. 

That means that very often it is those who are little and lowly in the world's eyes who God tends to use, and this Nativity video makes that point beautifully:


Heavenly Father, thank you that no one is too small for you to care about. Thank you that you used Mary to bring Jesus into the world even though she wasn't important or powerful. Please make me humble and good at asking for your help so that I too can be used by you to bring your saving love into the world. For Jesus' sake, Amen.

If you have more time you might enjoy this video on Luke's Gospel.


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