Sunday 5 July

Psalm 45

- a song for a royal wedding!

  • Click here for a child-friendly translation of Psalm 45.

This psalm would have been sung at royal weddings in Israel. The Bible says Jesus loves his people like a perfect husband loves his wife. Psalm 45 tells us lots about the sort of husband that King Jesus is.

  • What things do verses 6-7 tell us about Jesus?

  • Why is that good news?

It's not until verse 9 that we hear about the bride (Christ's followers).

  • What does Jesus think about his bride, according to verse 11?

  • What makes you doubt that Jesus finds you beautiful?

You might like to colour this in to help you remember verse 11.

Or you could draw your own wedding scene where King Jesus is looking at you with love in his eyes.

​PRAY: "Help me, Lord Jesus, to remember this week just how much you love me and would that make me love you in return. Amen."

SING: The song below is a modern equivalent of Psalm 45. Why not sing it to Jesus?



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