Sunday 4 October

Jesus is the cornerstone

‘“The stone the builders rejected

has become the cornerstone;
the Lord has done this,
and it is marvellous in our eyes”

Matthew 21:42


What do you think it would mean to build your life on Jesus (to make him your cornerstone)?

  • It would mean relying on him when life gets hard.

  • It would mean doing what he says even when it's hard.

  • It would mean we want God to get all of the praise, even more than getting praise ourselves.​

And because Jesus died on the cross for you, we can come back to him when we don't do these things, say sorry, and start again.




Jesus uses some words from the Old Testament to tell the Jewish leaders he is like a cornerstone.

Cornerstones were the most important stones in buildings. To make buildings strong, they had to be built upon strong cornerstones.

The same is true of God's building: his people. They would only be strong if they were built on Jesus, the strongest cornerstone. 

But Jesus predicts that he will be rejected by the Jewish leaders instead of welcomed and loved by them. Within a week, his prediction would come true as they would kill him on a cross.

We have the same choice. Either we will reject Jesus or build our whole lives on him. 


Dear heavenly Father, thank you so much for sending Jesus to be like a strong cornerstone on which we can build our lives. In Jesus’ name – Amen.


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