• Have you ever been awarded a prize?

  • What did it feel like?

  • What is the prize that Christians get at the end of their lives?

  • How does that make Paul act according to Philippians 3:14?

                   ("press on" means "keep going") 

  • How might it help a Christian to keep their eyes on the prize?

  • How might it help a Christian to know God has "called" them?

If you have ever run a race you will know it can be hard work and sometimes you want to give up. The Christian life is like a race: it can be hard and sometimes you may want to give up. But what makes a race worthwhile is crossing the finish line. If Christians keep following Jesus all of their lives then one day they will meet him in heaven. That will make it all so worthwhile! So if you're a Christian, don't give up. If you're not a Christian, then you need to start the race (start following Jesus) if you want to win the prize of heaven. 


  • Set up an obstacle course with a parent's help and ask them for a prize if you finish it.

  • Younger children may want to learn this Philippians 3:14 dance.


  • Please help me to keep going as a Christian, and help me to remember the prize when the going gets tough. Amen.


Sunday 24 May


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