"Now that I belong to Christ, I am right with God.

This being right does not come from my following the law, it comes from God through faith. 

God uses my faith in Christ to make me right with him."

Philippians 3:9

International Children's Bible

  • Watch this video to understand the swap that Paul is talking about.

  • What are the ways that we think we can make ourselves right with God?

  • Instead, who can actually make us right with God?

  • Watch another video explaining this in another way (and for parents, a tutorial in how to do the water trick (warning: bleach involved)

  • What difference does it make if we know Jesus has made us right with God?

In Philippians 3:7, Paul says we can know Jesus and that friendship is the best thing in the world.

  • Why do you think being friends with Jesus is so good?

  • PRAY: Heavenly Father, thank you that Jesus has taken away my sin and given me his goodness. Help me to get to know Jesus better, trusting more and more in him and not in myself. In Jesus name, Amen.


Sunday 17 May


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