Sunday 13 December

Zechariah's Song

(Luke 1v67-80)


Jesus is our Saviour and Shining Light


1. Jesus our Saviour

READ Luke 1

68 “Let us thank the Lord, the God of Israel.
     God has come to help his people and has given them freedom.
69 God has given us a powerful Saviour
    from the family of God’s servant David.
70 God said that he would do this.
    He said it through his holy prophets who lived long ago.
71 God will save us from our enemies
    and from the power of all those who hate us.
72 God said he would give mercy to our ancestors.
    And he remembered his holy promise.
73 God promised Abraham, our father,
74     that he would free us from the power of our enemies,
    so that we could serve him without fear.
75 We will be righteous and holy before God as long as we live.

Zechariah sings praise to God because he believes the baby in Mary's tummy (Jesus) is going to be the Saviour promised long ago who would free God's people from their enemies: "from slavery to sin and the fear of death" as we say in the Lord's Supper.

  • Can you think of examples this week where sin has damaged your life or the lives of those around you?

  • Can you think of examples where people are afraid of death and the way that affects day to day living?

Well Jesus can to free us from those things. He began that saving work the first time he came, but he will complete it when he comes a second time at the end of history. Christians can't wait for the day when sin and death are no more!

2. Jesus our Shining Light

READ Luke 1

76 “Now you, child, will be called a prophet of the Most High God.
     You will go first before the Lord
    to prepare the people for his coming.
77 You will make his people know that they will be saved.
    They will be saved by having their sins forgiven.
78 With the loving mercy of our God,
    a new day from heaven will shine upon us.
79 God will help those who live in darkness,
    in the fear of death.
He will guide us into the path that goes toward peace.”

Zechariah finally sings about his own baby (John the Baptist), who has just been born. But only because John will prepare the way for Jesus to shine his light on people living in darkness.

2020 has felt like a very dark year indeed. The coronavirus is a ray of hope. But Jesus' coming to earth is far better and brighter (like a sunrise) because he came to beat death once and for all: "Born that man no more may die," we sing. On Easter Sunday, at sunrise, Jesus overcame the darkness of death with the brightness of his eternal life so that Christians can live forever if we trust in him!


Heavenly Father, thank you that Jesus came to fix all the sin and death that ruin this world. That he started that work the first Christmas and he will finish that work when he returns. We long for that day, but thank you that it has already dawned. Please help my friends to know Jesus the saviour and shining light of this world. In Jesus name, Amen.

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